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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Berkey; Acquired

Yay, I finally got one! I couldn't win a Berkey in any contests and I entered them all, so I saved up and went ahead and bought one. I'd still love to win a camping/hiking version for my boys. I hope there will be other contests to enter. :) I'm not disappointed in this purchase. It's so much faster than the distiller that I was using and it leaves the good minerals. I like that I can use it in my cooking more. With the distiller, it took so long to make water that sometimes I just used tap water for cooking. The tips I read say you shouldn't leave the top dry for over three days with the black filters because you would have to re-prime the filters before using them again. I have two filters in so maybe I'll take one out and save it for later and have slower production and have an extra filter too! :) I had to let the water go through a couple of times to clear out the dust.. Just threw that out and now the water is pure and clean. It looks nice and lots better than the homemade one I was thinking of making with buckets. Although, I will have to see how this works out as far as the need to production ratio, and make adjustments... all in all... I like it very much.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Berkey

Water is such an important element of life. I have rusty old pipes in a very old house and have been using a distiller for years. I would love to have something better and have researched it quite a bit. The Berkey is my definite choice. There are so many pluses to this gravity water filtration system. I've entered to win from Kelly the Kitchen Kop's blog giveaway and hope I do win so I can have the best water for myself and my family. You can enter too. OVER.