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Monday, October 3, 2011

October is Non GMO Month.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How strange and wonderful is our home, our earth,
With it's swirling vaporous atmosphere,
It's flowing and frozen climbing creatures,
The croaking things with wings that hang on rocks
And soar through fog, the furry grass, the scaly seas...
How utterly rich and wild...
Yet some among us, have the nerve,
The insolence, the brass, the gall to whine
About the limitations of our earthbound fate
And yearn for some more perfect world beyond the sky.
We are none of us good enough
For the world we have.

~Edward Abbey
Twilight is a time for sharing--and a time for remembering--sharing the fragrance of the cooling earth--the shadows of the gathering dusk--

Here our two worlds meet and pass--the frantic sounds of man grow dimmer as the light recedes--the unhurried rhythm of the other world swells in volume as the darkness deepens--

It is not strange that discord has no place in this great symphony of sound--
it is not strange that a sense of peace descends upon all living things--
it is not strange that memories burn more brightly--as the things of substance lose their line and form in the softness of the dark--
Twilight is a time for sharing--and a time for remembering the things of beauty wasted by our careless hands--our frequent disregard of other living things--the many songs unheard because we would not listen--

Listen tonight with all the wisdom of your spirit--listen too with all the compassion of your heart--lest there come another night--when there is only silence--
A great and total silence--

~Winston Abbott
We hear you, fellow-creatures. We know we are wrecking the world and we are afraid. What we have unleashed has such momentum now, we don't know how to turn it around. Don't leave us alone, we need your help. You need us too for your own survival. Are there powers there you can share with us?
'I lichen, work slowly, very slowly. Time is my friend. This is what I give you: Patience for the long haul and perseverance."
'It is dark time. As deep-diving trout I offer you my fearlessness of the dark."
"I lion, give you my roar, the voice to speak out and be heard."
"I caterpillar. The leaves I eat taste bitter now. But dimly I sense a great change coming. What I offer you, humans, is my willingness to dissolve and transform. I do that without knowing what the end-result will be; so I share with you my courage too."

~Joanna Macy from Earth Prayers From Around The World
Food is not matter
but the heart of matter,
the flesh and blood of
rock and water, earth and sun.

Food is not a commodity
which price can capture,
but exacting effort,
carefully sustained,
the life work of countless beings.
With this cooking I enter
the heart of matter,
I enter intimate activity
which makes dreams materialize.

~Edward Epse Brown also from Earth Prayers From Around The World

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dandelion Days

Well I haven't a clue what this blog is about. I just wanted a blog. So here it is.